FDA challenges stem cell companies, patients run out of time

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The following is an excerpt.

Americans seeking stem cell replacement therapy hope the process can heal them of myriad diseases, and a 2011 report by the Baker Institute estimated the industry could bring in $16 billion in revenue by 2020.

But the Food and Drug Administration has expressed concerns. The agency sued to stop treatments at a Regenerative Sciences clinic in Colorado and closed the labof another company, Celltex Therapeutics, in Texas.

While patients in dire situations are willing to try the therapy (and pay the hefty costs), there’s concern the research doesn’t support broad practice just yet.

Read the full article here: FDA Challenges Stem Cell Companies As Patients Run Out Of Time

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  • dovhenis

    Advancing Genomics Mandates Prior Rethink-Update Of Genetics

    On “Time’s Arrow” and on “Genetic Mutation Rate”

    A. Evolution Points Time’s Arrow

    An evolving system EVOLVES continuously, without randomness. The universe evolves, cyclically, between its all mass pole and all energy pole. Period.

    B. A Genetic Mutation Rate???

    Exasperating ignorance.
    Genetics is THE PROGENY of culture.
    Genes (and genomes) are organisms, molded (i.e. are expressions
    modified) via natural selection by their reactions to their circumstances
    (i.e. by their culture).

    Look up Pavlov and Darwin…


    Dov Henis
    My Don Quixotic mission: Un-theosophize religious “Science” of trade-union-church AAAS.

    Genetics is modifications of genome’s expressions in response to cultural variations, which is behavioral modifications in response to circumstantial variations. DH