Poland backs away from agricultural biotech

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The following is an edited excerpt.

Last month, I believe we [Poland] took a significant step backward. Our government banned an important farm technology for purely political reasons and without any scientific justification.

Like most of Europe, Poland has refused to participate fully in the biotech revolution that has transformed agricultural production around the world. Yet last year we were at least able to grow two kinds of genetically modified crops: a type of corn that fights insect pests and a potato that produces an abundance of starch. Now they’re outlawed, meaning that Polish farmers cannot use the innovations that millions of farmers elsewhere take for granted, from advanced nations such as the United States and Canada to developing countries like Brazil and the Philippines.

This disastrous decision will hurt Polish farmers and consumers right away. It also sets a terrible precedent for the future. We must overturn it immediately.

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  • Jack

    Why not label GMOs? If you are so proud of their achievements, then tell the world which products have GMOs and let consumers decide whether they want GMOs! Are you afraid that they will not buy them?