GM labeling and Jewish law

The following is an excerpt.

Even though over 50% of Americans believe GMOs to be potentially unsafe and a striking 93% believe that food products containing GMOs should have federally mandated labeling, most states and our federal government have not been ambivalent or opposed to mandated labeling. Considering there are so few matters on which Americans are so unified in opinion, it should cause us to wonder why this matter is not only up for debate, but is not already decided. In seeking to understand the relevancy of the issue of labeling foods in halakhah (Jewish law), it would seem based on this information that a good place to start would be g’neivat da’at – literally, “theft of consciousness,” and in practice prohibits offering misleading information in business practices and personal relations.

View the original article here: A Consumer’s Right To Know: Business Ethics, Halakhah and GMOs

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