Artist demonstrates genetic similarities in composite portraits

We all learned the rules of inheritance in school: dominant outweight recessive. So if both your parents have brown eyes, you’ll have brown eyes, too. If only your mom has brown eyes, you’ll still have brown eyes because the genes for brown eyes are dominant. Only if both parents have blue eyes will the child have blue eyes, too.(Side note: I can tell from personal experience that this is true: my son has inherited his mother’s brown eyes, not the blue color of mine.)

But how similar are two related persons really? One can easily tell father and daughter just by their looks, but it’s often difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes them look so similar. Well, Ulric Collette’s series of ‘genetic portraits’ (Portraits Génétiques in French) shows off just that, genetic similarity, by merging the faces of two relatives. And the results are quite impressive.

Read the full article here: Ulric Collette’s “Portraits Génétiques” Demonstrate Genetic Similarity by Merging Faces

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