Lusk: Washington Initiative 522 on GMO labeling

This time last year, California’s Proposition 37 to label genetically engineered (GE) food ingredients was highly discussed. After a steady, strong lead in the polls, however, Proposition 37 eventually failed to garner a majority of the votes necessary to become law, writes Jayson Lusk, a food and agricultural economics professor at Oklahoma State University, in his personal blog.

“One year later, Washington State now has a similar initiative up for vote. The issues at play are largely the same as those in California … The ultimate cost impacts will depend critically on how retailers chose to respond to the mandatory label, should the initiative pass,” Lusk explains.

“One thing that makes the WA initiative different than the one on California is the sheer size of the state.  If Prop 37 had passed in California, it likely would have had important implications for the rest of the U.S., both because California is such a large agricultural producer and because they are such a large consumer of agricultural products.”

Read the full, original story here: “Washington Initiative 522 on GMO Labeling” 

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