Unpublished study showing GMOs cause sterility in hamsters touted by anti-GMO acitivists

| | November 12, 2013
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A Russian study claiming that hamsters who consume genetically modified soybeans give birth to sterile offspring should not be taken seriously, writes Amanda Zaluckyj in her blog The Farmer’s Daughter. The study has not been published in any scientific journal, Zaluckyj writes, and is being touted by anti-GMO crusader Jefferey Smith, the former yoga instructor who has turned his efforts to spreading false information about GMOs. The scientist behind the study, Alexey Surov, was also the author of the study claiming that GMOs cause hair growth in human mouths.

[T]he only thing this amounts to is a crazy anti-GMOer (Smith) who latched on to another fake biotech study and, before it was even peer-reviewed, started to promote the lies inherent in it. Just another bunch of baloney from the anti-science crowd.

The better study, which isn’t even a conducted study, is being accomplished in US livestock across the country. Our chickens and pigs, and our pets too, are eating GMO soybeans and not having a single problem with reproduction. After 25 years of GMOs, and certainly more than 2 generations into our GMO-fed livestock, we’re still having baby chicks and baby piglets.

Read the full, original story here: “Russian Scientists Create Bad Biotech Studies, Too”

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