Don Huber, controversial activist scientist promoting mysterious GMO superbug scare, has no data

Dr. Don Huber. Via Vimeo.
Dr. Don Huber. Via Vimeo.

Don Huber, a retired scientist from the Plant Pathology faculty of Purdue University and a favorite on the anti-GMO lecture circuit, claims he discovered years ago a novel pathogenic microbe caused by agricultural genetic engineering–a GMO time bomb of sorts that is wreaking havoc on humans and animals. It not only causes plant disease, he alleges, but also spontaneous abortions at the rate of 20-50% in animals fed the “Roundup Ready” crops and can destroy our stomachs. He describes the organism as fungal but with a size in the range of a plant virus.

One problem: there is not a shred of empirical evidence to back up his scare claims, no peer reviewed paper, and he has refused to make this ‘explosive’ data available to any other scientist in the world to confirm–or debunk.

The mainstream consensus is that Huber has no data to back up his questionable claims–scientists at his former university have challenged him, writing that there is no evidence to support his allegations, but that’s not stopped activists from featuring Huber at events and promoting his patented scare talk on websites when there is no respectable scientists to engage him. In response to these wild claims, University of Florida scientist Kevin Folta has launched a petition at to demand that Huber either release his study material to the scientific community or stop misinformation.

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Folta also attended an event in Tallahasee to listen to Huber speak, and all did not go very well for the activist scientist.


Read the full, original story here: “A Generous Offer to Dr. Huber -Turned Down”

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