Why we won’t see GMO labels in the United States anytime soon


“Until scientific evidence shows that eating GMOs is dangerous,” labeling laws won’t change, writes Brian Stoffel in the Motley Fool. “As it stands now, emotion is running high against the use of GM seeds–primarily because of the visceral relationship we have with the food we eat,” Stoffel writes, “but that emotion can be cancelled out with repeated advertisements that point back to science.” He believes that the “vast majority of reasonable opposition to GMOs comes from the effects of using them–monospeciation, consolidation of food power into the hands of a few–instead of…information that the consumption of GMOs is dangerous.” The production of GMOs, like foods labeled ‘USDA Organic’ or ‘Kosher,’ “adheres to the values of those who are consuming the food.” Stoffel writes that this is a “much more likely path in the labeling debate.”

Read the full, original story here: “Why We Won’t See GMO Labeling Any Time Soon”

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