China and US can use biotechnology to end 'scourge of global hunger'

| | November 20, 2013

"Biotechnology has been extensively researched and safely used for three decades," writes Michael Scuse, Under secretary for Farm and Foreign Agriculture Services at the US Department of Agriculture.  "Most US families...safely consume food made from biotech crops on a daily basis. The challenges we face are too extensive to reject the promise of science."

"While increased production is a necessity, it is not the whole answer for increasing food security and eliminating hunger. We must also ensure that food gets to where it is needed through improved distribution networks."

"Improved global and regional trade must be part of the solution in providing global food supplies and food security. Trade encourages dietary diversity, drives economic opportunity, stabilizes food supplies and can reduce food costs."

Read the full, original story here: "China and US can use biotechnology to end scourge of global hunger"


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