Oganic activist leader says loss in Washington state on labeling will galvanize anti-GMO movement

“Monsanto and Big Food confused enough Washington voters to scrape out a narrow victory in a low turn-out, off year election,” writes Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Association. He writes that the loss in Washington has only “galvanized an even larger and more radical anti-GMO grassroots movement than before.” For the next 12 months, “the proponents of ‘no labels’ on GMOs will be facing legislative battles…in no fewer than 30 states.” The battle for GMO labeling isn’t over, he claims, because polls show that the majority of Americans want GMO labels. “As we step up our resistance and deliver a more radical and comprehensive message in 2014, we will win the war.”

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Read the full, original story here: Did the Anti-GMO Movement Really Lose in Washington?

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