Genetic testing: Too much or too little information?

Since ancient times, Oracles, soothsayers, and fortune tellers have been offering prophesies about the future. This desire for foreknowledge leads many people to read horoscopes. And to seek answers in their genes.

This week, under fire from the FDA, 23andMe, the Google-backed DTC genetic test company, agreed to stop sales of its $99 genetic test kit online, saying it will now release only ancestry information and raw data without interpretation.

This case highlights several broader issues that need attention — how to understand and communicate about genetics, what rights patients should hold, and what responsibilities doctors, labs or agencies have concerning genetics. While older types of tests (offered by 23andMe) have provided too little information, new tests threaten to overload us with data.

Read the full, original story: The Future of Testing Your Genetic Future

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