Are GM seed companies engaging in ‘cigarette science’?

Anti-GMO activists often like to accuse the biotech industry of conspiring a “cover up” akin to the tobacco industry’s cover-up of the dangers of smoking, writes James Cooper, a life-long cook who has a PhD in chemistry.

Dave Murphy from Food Democracy Now has said that GM seed companies are engaging in “cigarette science.”

When comparing the history of the tobacco industry cover-ups to the “relatively open research environment” in which genetically modified crops are developed, there is “no analogy.”

In the case of tobacco companies, the cover-up is clear. Independent research established over and over the dangers of smoking—findings that differed enormously from industry-funded science.


In contrast, there are no credible studies showing any damage to people or the environment from approved GM foods. More than 1700 studies, both independent and industry-funded, show no evidence of any danger from GM crops.

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