Will GMO fight kill hopes for next generation of Hawaii farmers?

At this moment in time, with all of the vitriol in Hawaii over agriculture, I am not sure if I could honestly tell my children that they should consider farming, but I keep hoping.

My 3-year-old daughter is in total awe of her papa going down to the farm. She loves running around in the field under the canopy of papaya trees and pulling weeds in the fields.

She scales up into those old tractors and sits up high on that seat, ready to start driving. Very few kids have those kinds of opportunities nowadays.

I hope that I do get to tell her one day, “Yes, Katelyn, you just might be a farmer like your papa and uncle!”


For now, I keep an open mind and provide my kids with opportunities that the world has to offer.

How the world is changing and where technology is going seems infinite and so is my hope for the future of farming, if we support and nurture it.

The future lays with my older daughter who loves learning science from the UH Genius Program and with my younger one who loves playing with her tractors and trucks that she chose with her papa.

They are my hopes for the future generation of farmers.


Read the full, original article: Is There Hope for the Next Generation of Farmers?

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