GMOs in fem care products can kill you? Not if you follow the science

Last week, the tweets were flying furiously in a “Right to Know” campaign regarding fem care products (for more information, see here). Apparently, there’s concern over the fact that feminine hygiene products are not labelled, we do not know what’s in them, and that may include GMO cotton.

The concern is that the contents of the fem care products will leach into our systems, since “our skin is the largest and most absorbent organ in our body” (that’s from Dr Mercola’s site, highlighting the dangers of inorganic fem care products).

I’ll begin with the fact that there’s no evidence for the causation or even association between synthetic fem care products and health issues. Let me outline the steps I took:

  • I checked for any information on tampons and pads. There are two false urban legends regarding tampons being associated with toxic shock syndrome, as well as the presence of asbestos in tampons. There is also a false urban legend regarding the use of sanitary pads being linked to cases of uterine and bladder cancer.
  • I went to pubmed and typed in “feminine hygiene products”. I found 1337 hits. That’s not a typo. 1337 various studies have been carried out examining different aspects of feminine hygiene products ranging from their use in HPV detection, HIV prevention, and health education. Study methods range from the examination for irritation with new film surfaces to the analysis of changes in bacterial cultures with feminine care products.
  • I checked the American Cancer Society’s webpage, which stated that the link between tampons and cancer is “absurd”. I searched on the American Medical Association’s webpage, and couldn’t find anything.
  • After that, I stopped.

Read the full original article: GMOs and toxins leach through your skin

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