On Maui anti-GMO tour, Don Huber refuses to engage scientists on questionable glyphosate claims


Dr. Don Huber spoke in Maui as part of an event that kicked off a political campaign to ban genetically engineered crops from the island. The same day, a letter to the editor by Dr. Harold Keyser, a retired soil scientist from the University of Hawaii, appeared in the same paper that gave a spotlight to the Huber event.

For the past three years, Don Huber, a retired plant pathologist from Purdue University, has been touring the country to promote his sensational claims about a new organism he discovered living in genetically modified (GM) crops, especially those treated with glyphosate (Roundup). This mystery organism supposedly causes severe problems in plant health, animal health and numerous disorders in humans. And now this tour comes to Maui.

It is based on allegations for which data is not provided or available. This is not how science works, and making unsubstantiated claims in public about harm to our health is irresponsible and sad.

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  • First Officer

    As Kevin Folta has written, when is the good Dr. Huber going to share his findings with the CDC and the FDA? If this is so dangerous, it must be reported !!! If he’s holding back info that can prevent millions from dying, he should be sued to disclose to the CDC and the FDA. Isn’t this criminal negligence?

    • I have a standing offer to debate organic activists. I understand that Dr. Huber has likewise been invited to debate his views, as has Al Gore. It’s quite telling that these people choose to hide in the shadows.

      Please go to my debate page on my website: http://www.isitorganic.ca/debate_a_standing_offer