Biotech can strengthen vegetarianism but Veg Expo chooses anti-GMO agenda

Most people never knew I was not a meat eater. I enjoyed an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet for 16 years. I get the vegetarian thing and wish we all did more of it. That’s why I was so happy to get the invitation from Vegan Chicago to come talk about GMO foods.

Here were some people concerned about science and diet, and realized they might have the “science” of GMO=bad wrong. I have many vegan friends from this talk to this day that understand how GMO may actually help the issues around food, contributing toward more vegetarian/vegan choices.

This is why I’m just shocked when I see Veg Expo 2014 and see they have a markedly anti-GMO agenda. Worse yet, they invite Jeffrey Smith as a “world expert on GMO”. If you want to see a smear on science with no scientific base visit Smith’s Institute for Responsible Technology.

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They could invite an actual scientist that cares about vegan/vegetarian issues. What if you could safely engineer plants to produce the nutrients missing in a veg/vegan diet? Science can make your cause stronger, but instead you invite a non-scientific fear monger to address this conference.


Read the full, original article: VegExpo, Smith and Conference Credibility

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