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GMO debate in infographics and charts

| May 5, 2014

One of the most debated subjects involving agriculture today is the production of genetically modified crops or (GMOs).  Although these are nothing really new, the passion that surrounds this subject continues to be very intense.

We thought it would be of value to our readers to just share some of the facts about this topic and provide you some information regardless of your position on the subject. Everyone has to pretty much agree that things will need to change as we go forward, which route we go is still up for debate. We know this will only scratch the surface but found the following very interesting. 

Here is a chart showing 2012 production of GMO crops by country.

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Are we doing all we need to be doing to control resistant weeds? Here is a map that shows some issues with glyphosate only. We know other herbicides and insecticides are having some issues as well.

We also have the issue about a growing population and the need to produce enough food to feed everyone.  This chart shows the world’s forecasted population growth, mostly in areas not able to produce enough food.  Are these folks going to care if their food is genetically modified?

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