Consumers Union claims ideology not issue, cites “safety and economic concerns” for proposed GMO ban in Jackson, Oregon

The Mail Tribune urges readers, in their April 27 editorial, to “Believe science, not ideology, in GMO debate.” Consumers Union, the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, believes Jackson County residents should do just that, and that science, and economic concerns, will lead them to the conclusion that they should support Measure 15-119.

The editorial states that “The science has been consistent and as clear as possible: GMOs have not been found to cause health problems.” In fact, there is considerable debate about the safety of GM crops. A review of the scientific literature of animal-feeding studies shows that some, generally independent studies, find some evidence of adverse effect, while other studies, often funded by industry or performed by industry-affiliated scientists, find no safety problem.

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The major reason to pass Measure 15-119 is that GM crops can contaminate non-GM or organic crops, thereby reducing the organic or non-GMO farmers’ ability to grow and sell non-GMO seeds. Evidence show that growers of non-GMO corn and alfalfa could be economically hurt by growing of GE crops. Jackson County is wise to be concerned about the contamination issue. Measure 15-119 would protect the organic and non-GE crop growers.

Bottom line, Measure 15-119 should be supported because there are safety and economic concerns about genetically engineered crops. Ideology is not the issue.

Read the full, original article: Safety, contamination are valid concerns

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