GMO fears in needy Zambia result in destruction of 1,000 lbs of safe corn flakes


A combined team of Luanshya Municipal Council Health Inspectors and Court officials swung into action and destroyed more than 700 Bokomo Corn Flakes containing traces of genetically modified organisms (GMO). The corn flakes were burnt after Luanshya Magistrate Edward Banda issued an Order of Disposal following an application by the local authority and destroyed 165 by 750 grams and 697 by 500 grams cases of Bokomo Corn Flakes.

Luanshya Municipal Council Public Relations Manager Gideon Thole said in a press statement that the corn flakes were destroyed because a South African based food processing and manufacturing company Bokomo is in contravention of the Biosafety Act.

Thole said, “Luanshya health inspectors confiscated the corn flakes from a local leading chain-store after the Ministry of Local Government and the attorney general issued separate circulars urging councils throughout the country to exercise their powers of seizure, disposal and destroy without compensation on any products containing genetically modified organisms which are imported into the country, exported or placed on the Zambian market without adhering to the provisions and requirements of the Biosafety Act Chapter 10 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia.”

Thole however said it is important for members of the public to note that although the seized corn flakes contain the authorized GMO threshold of 0.9 percent in conformity with the Biosafety Regulations of genetically modified organism for food, feed and processing they are being illegally sold on the local market. He pointed out that the fact that the law was not followed by Bokomo when importing the corn flakes into Zambia makes this fact inconsequential.


Read the full, original article: Luanshya council destroys Bokomo Corn Flakes containing traces of GMO

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