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Ghana biotech group slams Vandana Shiva’s claim that GM foods poisonous

| June 18, 2014

The Ghana Chapter of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) has said claims by Indian agro-ecologist, Dr. Vandana Shiva that consuming genetically modified foods was poisonous and therefore harmful to humans was totally false.

“GMOs are not toxins as Dr. Shiva believes as a philosopher and that knowledge that is not shared is knowledge that is not gained,” OFAB said. OFAB said some foods caused allergies and GM foods might also not be exempted but that did not make it poisonous or harmful,” Dr. Margaret Attipoe, focal person of OFAB Ghana, told a press conference in Accra. The press conference degenerated into a brawl between Dr. Margaret Ottah Attipoe who is also a deputy director of the Food Research Institute of Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research and the organisers.

The forum was organised by Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa in collaboration with Food Sovereignty Ghana and sought to educate Ghanaians on the need to prevent the promotion of genetically modified (GM) foods in Ghana. Dr. Shiva appealed to Ghanaians to stand up against the introduction of GM foods into the country’s food chain adding that accepting GM foods would amount to “seed colonisation and seed slavery.” However Attipoe dismissed the claims as untrue, saying: “GMOs are not toxins or toxic as Shiva believes,” and that the campaign against GM Foods and the rejection of the Plant Breeders Bill which was currently before Parliament was unfortunate.

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Attipoe said Shiva’s claim that seeding plants would result in sterility and cause global catastrophe which would wipe out humans was an illogical absurdity saying “Can sterile plants which cannot reproduce be able to spread genes” Professor Walter Alhassan, a member of OFAB Ghana, said no nation could live on only one technology to solve its challenges of agriculture and that a mixture of technology like organic farming, modern agriculture practices involving mechanization, use of pesticides and agro-processing, crop rotation, integrated pest management, biotechnology with or without GM was needed.

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