Zambian municipality destroys over 1000 lbs of cereals with GMOs

The Livingstone City Council swung into action seizing and destroying cereals from Shoprite Supermarket containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Livingstone City Council Chief Health Inspector Muchoka Muchoka said Bokomo Cornflakes, popcorns and Jungle Oats were among the cereals seized and destroyed from the two Shoprite outlets in the tourist capital.

Mr. Muchoka said the quantities destroyed were 496 packets of 500 grams Bokomo cornflakes, 208 packets of 750 grams of the breakfast cereal, four packets of the one kilogram Bokomo cornflakes and 141 packets of the 375 grams cereal.

“We sought guidance from the Bio Safety Authority after seizing the goods from the Shoprite outlets. The Authority gave us clearance to destroy the goods at the expense of Shoprite and we did so in the company of police and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency,” he said.

Mr. Muchoka said the action by the council was in accordance with the Bio Safety Act of 2007 which prohibits the exposure for sale of any food containing GMOs above the legally authorized threshold of 0.9 percent.


Read the full, original article: Livingstone City Council destroys GMO Bokomo Cornflakes, popcorns and Jungle Oat from Shoprite

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