Generation Y put off by anti-science, anti-GMO bent of green activists

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What do we know about the so-called ‘Generation Y’? They are the ‘80s and ‘90s ‘Echo boomer’ children, the web and tech savvy and the surgically attached to their phones. They are the ‘digital natives’, skinny jeans-wearing 20-somethings, who like to share photos of their food and cats as a hobby.

They have been called the ambitious and the lazy generation, the (often unemployed) open-minded ones with sometimes unrealistic expectations. But whatever you like to stereotype them as, we know most Gen Y people are bound to be interested in gadgets, current affairs, staying connected and making up their own minds about anything and everything based on fact and reason.

A recent unofficial Green Party survey highlights just that. A group of party members started from a hypothesis that ‘Voters are put off voting for the Green Party due to a number of policies seen as ‘anti-science’. Setting out to see whether it is true or not, they asked the public what the main reasons are that prevent them from voting Green. They received 312 responses, most of which came from social media outlets such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

First of all, the results show that two thirds of respondents would like the Greens to win, but would only support them if some policy changes were made. Perhaps surprisingly, both nuclear power and the Party’s current ‘disapproval of GM foods or GMO’ came high up on the list.


The creators of the survey see this as ‘the most striking conclusion of the results’, but it suggests that ‘people really don’t like the current policies on nuclear power and GM(O)’.

Read the full, original article:  Generation Y and GMO

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