9 most asked questions about GMOs: University of Florida’s Kevin Folta answers

The Refinery 29 has collected the most asked questions about GMOs from their readers and asked University of Florida plant scientist Kevin Folta to answer them. These are the questions people wanted answers to:

  1. How influential are Monsanto and other for-profit companies in scientific research on GMOs?
  2. Is there merit to the fears that GMOs will disrupt ecosystems?
  3. How similar are GMOs to each other? Should we really be talking about them as if they are all the same thing?
  4. Have studies shown any direct link between GMOs and cancer?
  5. Are there any significant studies underway to substantiate the dangers of GMOs?
  6. A common criticism of GMOs is that they seem safe now, but the human lifespan is 70+ years. So, how do we know that they will be safe in the long term? Have there been any multi-generational studies?
  7. What’s the deal with the “terminator” gene? Was it ever used?
  8. Another common criticism of GMOs is that, because of the expense involved in purchasing the seeds, they somehow put small or impoverished farms at a disadvantage. How would you respond to this?
  9. What are U.S. labeling laws for GMOs? Should labels be required? And, why are labeling laws passed by state and not federally?

Read the answers at: Everything you need to know about GMOs

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