After three-parent babies, are two-dad and two-mom babies next?

| | February 25, 2015

An international team of scientists have shown that it is possible to create human sperm and eggs from stem cells derived from adult skin, regardless of the donor’s gender. While this breakthrough could help men and women who have been rendered infertile by disease, gay groups have also expressed hope that this project will eventually lead to the creation of children made from same-sex parents.

Dr. Jacob Hanna, the lead researcher of the Israeli team, explaining that this could become a reality in as little as two years. The Guardian reported that it may also help scientists treat certain age-related illnesses caused by epigenetic changes.

This procedure is so effective that it could possibly open the doors for a type of fertility treatment that the world has never seen before: IVF for same-sex couples. Hanna explained that gay groups have already shown interest in the project.

Although based on science it may be fully possible to create children from same-sex couples, there are many ethical hurdles to overcome that would determine if such an act would ever become widely used. Hanna has already expressed his disinterest of “creating engineered humans and the social and ethical implications.”

It’s important to understand that the controversial “two-dad” or “two-mom” baby is just one of many opportunities now made possible from this project.

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