Activists in Argentina threaten life of biotech scientist Jose Miguel Mulet

Dear readers. As you know by the last post I am doing a tour to promote “Eat Without Fear” by Argentine territory Maizar invited by the foundation. The tour consists of different conferences, meetings and interviews to discuss these issues I like my fears as food, GMOs, pesticides, etc … So far the overall balance is very good, with the occasional senior interview as honor of being received by the Minister of Agriculture Carlos Argentino Casamiquela. Or join in the ministry of Science and Technology with the CEO of Science told me first hand the latest advances in transgenic crops by the government, or to make a presentation to the Ministry of Agriculture of the City of Córdoba financed. Likewise, the media coverage is being viral, with three or four interviews a day, a month before arriving !!! therefore the issue arouses interest.

The problem came in Cordoba. However the night before the talk notified me that there was movement by social media to a concentration in the talk. Rare because only going to present “Eat Without Fear”. All concentration is assembled from the facebook page of Sofia Gatica, 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize, and visible face of the group of mothers of Ituzaingó to blame all the ills of the community to the use of agricultural pesticides, although they have never presented any evidence. Well, because this lady, whom I have the pleasure of knowing, began to summon people to give me “The welcome I deserve” something that repeats several times. Which is followed by comments like “a manporros”, “drink Glyphosate”, “boiling oil” and so on.

The truth is that you eventually get used to the normality of abnormality that is to receive insulting comments on the blog or social networks and try not to give them too much importance, but this seemed more serious. This group has a history of numerous acts of vandalism, mainly at the University, which take refuge in university autonomy which prevents the police intervene.

We decided that since we can not guarantee my safety or that of the organizers, it is best not appear. Sure. I’ve been announcing weeks, I know there are people coming from far away on purpose. It is the first and hopefully the last I have to cancel a talk. I write this letter to be read in the room . We are up to the last moment finally seeing if threats do not materialize, but we notified the University that a group of 30 activists, led by Mrs. Gatica said make their appearance in the room. Definitely not the conditions are met. If you are the activists, the talk will be impossible for it, I appear or not.

(Translated from Spanish)

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