Kevin Folta: When science literacy threatens anti-GMO activist beliefs, they attack teachers

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Dr. Kevin Folta, a leading expert on agricultural science, has called out the NYT and a journalist for personifying him as Monsanto's 'covertly-paid operative'

You’d swear by the hate-filled rhetoric that I just threw a pillowcase of kittens into a wood chipper. Activists everywhere delight in that they finally connected me to Monsanto.  The smoking gun?

A scientific paper with manipulated data?   No.

A public presentation with information contrary to the scientific literature?  No.

Untrue statements to the media?   No.  

What did I do?  I found some funds to teach science.


It never was a secret.  At universities, records are public, including our funding sources. Or just ask and I’m glad to tell you about who sponsors my research or outreach.

Click image for larger version.

Last week the public information voluntarily hit the activist’s ear, and they went ballistic. After all, $25K is a lot of money, so this must be the smoking gun of collusion. So how much does Monsanto’s contribution (no salary, no dollars to me, just for science communication program costs) matter in the scope of things? It’s a measly sum compared to my research budget of about $6 million.

This is what they are so upset about?  You mean that line that I had to draw on because it didn’t show up on the graph on it’s own? 

I have been called a liar and received other hateful messages, and notes from Gmail and Yahoo that my accounts were experiencing suspicious activity at sign in.  Good times.


Please share what is happening here.  I was teaching science, a company allowed more science to be taught, but activists needed me marginalized and my reputation destroyed.  They will harm a scientist that has won awards for outreach and mentoring, because he dares to teach effective science communication.

They only survive if science literacy fails.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: The Radical Activist Attack on a Teacher

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