244 reasons why GMOs are safe: Global science organizations endorse crop biotech

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Currently there is a social and political controversy about the safety of foods produced from genetically modified (GM) crops, however, in the scientific community there is no dispute or controversy regarding the safety of GM crops. To date, more than 2000 scientific studies have assessed the safety of these crops in terms of human health and environmental impact. These studies together with several reviews performed on a case by case from regulatory agencies around the world, have enabled a solid and clear scientific consensus: GM crops have no more risk than those that have been developed by conventional breeding techniques.

This document brings together the public statements of organizations and scientific institutions that adhere to this consensus. I made an update based on this document from ChileBio that include 40 official documents representing about 190 institutions.

After categorizing the different institutions from Africa (14), Asia (4), Europe (59), Latin America (8), North America (22), Oceania (7) and internationals (11), a total of 125 institutions was obtained. If we add the 101 academies and 27 scientific unions that signed the document of the International Council for Science (ICSU), we get a figure of 253 institutions.


However, in the current 121 national scientific institutions that are members of ICSU, 13 already appear on the categorization by continents and these academies were members of ICSU before the document was signed in 2003. If we subtract these 13, we get a figure of 240 institutions.

But the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) is composed by 29 members, and 25 already on our list. So we must add the 4 remaining institutions .

In conclusion, 244 institutions and organizations recognize that GM crops are not riskier than those produced by conventional breeding.

Note: The Genetic Literacy Project has composed an infographic quoting many of the major independent science organizations, found here, and reproduced below:

Copyright Genetic Literacy Project
Copyright Genetic Literacy Project. Click image for larger version.

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