30 scientists announce support of Scotland’s GMO ban

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Scotland’s decision to maintain its GM-free status is in the best interests of the country, its people and its farmers, 30 scientists write to Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead.

Dear Mr Lochhead,

You have received a letter from Sense About Science urging you to abandon Scotland’s ban on genetically modified (GM) crops. We urge you not to fall victim to the unfounded claims made for GM crops.

In spite of the huge body of evidence to the contrary, the GM industry wishes the public and politicians to believe that GM crops are friendly to the environment and safe to consume – and, indeed, to be an essential tool of modern agriculture.

A number of industry-backed ‘front’ organisations have been created that employ ‘stealth PR techniques’ to promote the interests of clients, and Sense About Science is one of these. [Editor’s note: See Sense about Science’s rebuttal of this description at the conclusion of this article.]

From our perspective as independent scientists, a Scottish ban on GMOs is entirely justified on scientific grounds alone.

Instead of pursuing a route that is already causing serious environmental and health problems, Scotland should become a leader in the science of agroecology, which has already proved its efficacy and sustainability.

Yours sincerely,

The undersigned

The description of Sense About Science is completely false. If you are unaware of where our funding comes from this information is available here along with our funding policy. As a charity our accounts are also available on the charity commission website. This PR claim is completely fabricated.

Read full, original post and Sense About Science’s rebuttal: We scientists welcome Scotland’s GM-free status

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