Field trials of GMO crops in EU countries virtually nonexistent

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In 2015 the field trials on biotech crops in the EU countries were just 8, while they were more than 127 in 2006 and about the double in at the end of the last century. The warning about the biotech research in Europe was launched by the PRRI (Public Research and Regulation Initiative, the worldwide committee of the public-sector scientists involved in biotech studies), during the World Food Day.

“The fall in the number of trials is the result of the opposition of many EU countries to cultivation and of an arbitrary interpretation of already restrictive legislation” – said Dr. Piero Morandini, researcher at the Biosciences Department of the University of Milan and member of PRRI.

“The fear mongering and misinformation for years, continues Morandini, produced had the intended effect on European public opinion: the plant biotech research is nowadays dropped virtually to zero and the public sector occupies a marginal role.

We welcome with great pleasure the plea by Paolo De Castro for a scientific debate at the highest level”.

The inability to take advantage of all the available technologies in developing new varieties of plants will result in the loss of benefits, it exposes us to greater environmental damages… As researchers we ask people to judge only after knowing and getting information from competent sources” added Morandini.

Read full, original post: WORLD FOOD DAY, GMO: EU GM plants research cancelled. In 10 years field trials dropped from 127 to 8

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