Ecomodernism embraces GMOs, unites moms of different political stripes

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Can we move past the debate about who or what causes climate change and focus on how modern technology can protect the environment and improve the lives of millions around the globe?

Probably wishful thinking. But perhaps there’s a chance we can bridge the wide gulf between the two sides. That’s the promise of a nascent environmental movement called “Ecomodernism.”

The movement released a broad yet bold outline of its vision last spring in “An Ecomodernist Manifesto.” It poses one simple question: How do humans save nature, particularly as we increase our reliance on natural resources for energy and agriculture? Ecomodernists suggest two controversial solutions (particularly to the left) – nuclear power and genetically modified seeds or GMOs.

It’s the latter that brought the two of us together and led us to ecomodernism. We didn’t know each other (and still haven’t met in person) but connected on Twitter in the process of becoming accidental activists for GMOs.

When we started out, we had a largely negative view of GMOs because of what we’d heard from the media. After extensive research, we each concluded that what we had been told about GMOs was mostly untrue and that the fears of mothers are being exploited by activists with an agenda. We learned of the scientific consensus on GMO safety and how GMOs can benefit both farmers and the environment through increased crop yield and reduced pesticides.

Perhaps the most mom-friendly aspect of Ecomodernism is the optimism behind the message. It’s a positive approach that is both pro-Earth and pro-human.

Read full, original post: Ecomodernism: An Environmental Movement Unites Politically Divided Moms

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