Genetic Literacy Project’s Top 6 Stories for the Week


From this past week, here are the #GLPTop6 among many great stories on human and agriculture genetics around the world. Please share and help spread the news!


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  1. Myth Busting Pesticides In 3 Parts: Comparing pesticide use in agroecological and conventional agriculture by Thomas DeGregori
  2. Drug reverses aging — in rats. Could it help humans? by Ben Locwin
  3. 10 studies proving GMOs are harmful? Not if science matters by Layla Katiraee
  4. Clarifying ionophores: NRDC muddies science by suggesting all animal antibiotics lead to resistance crisis by Roy Williams
  5. Could TransPacific Trade agreement enable corporations to block GMO labeling laws? by Andrew Porterfield
  6. GMO Inside: Green America powered coalition of organic, alternative health groups target biotech science by Biotech Gallery

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