Chipotle’s poisoned food crisis spreads, infects Boston College basketball team

| | December 8, 2015

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At least half of the Boston College men’s basketball team and several other Boston College students are suffering from gastrointestinal problems after eating at a nearby Chipotle, according to multiple reports. The college gave this statement about the matter to the Boston Herald:

Several BC students and student-athletes, including members of the BC men’s basketball team, have reported to BC Health Services complaining of gastrointestinal symptoms,” according to a statement from the college. “Students who are experiencing these gastrointestinal symptoms are encouraged to seek medical care either at BC Health Services or from their own physician.

All Boston College athletes were also sent this clearly hastily written and panicked email about not eating at “CHIPOLTE’S!!!!!”:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.12.14 AM

SB Nation reports that eight sick Boston College players are confirmed to have E. coli, and that there are an additional two players on the roster also suffering from “stomach issues.” Unsurprisingly, today’s practice was cancelled.

Chipotle is currently under siege from a nationwide E. coli outbreak that they have been unable to find the source of or halt, which is sending the company’s stock price tumbling.

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The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion, and analysis. Click the link above to read the full, original article.

9 thoughts on “Chipotle’s poisoned food crisis spreads, infects Boston College basketball team”

    • At the time these comments are posted approx 4pm on 12/9/2015 the results of e coli testing hadn’t returned. Norovirus has been identified but not conclusively determined to be the cause of this latest food poisoning episode at Chipotle. in fact, the last prior food poisoning event (there have been several, one was norovirus, another was salmonella…) was finally confirmed to be e coli but the source was not identified. For now Chipotle and USDA have “agreed” to call it norovirus and make that close enough for state work. Hey, holiday schedules and all, that. It’s just 100 or so students sick and spewing from every orifice, so no emergency. So who can say what happened, eh?

      See, that’s just it with these Chipotle poisonings — not much detailed information is revealed to the public. Just a lot of excuses, some blaming and a very few half-hearted assurances Chipolte intends to clean up its act eventually. Some stores were closed for days on end in an attempt to make them safe for customers, so there must be some pretty daunting scrubbing and upgrading required. We aren’t told much about any of this, either.

      Too little communication and too little truth these days from Chipotle who, up to 3 months ago did not hesitate to communicate the most ridiculous attacks against competing players (remember that creepy scarecrow cartoon Chipoltle produced to smear agriculture, frighten and mislead people?). They were telling us all how to do it right then and now, suddenly, they claim they don’t know diddly squat about much of anything (which we already figured out for ourselves weeks ago).

      We are left to imagine the Chipotle scarecrow is back to his old tricks of injecting toxic blue goo into everything in sight only now it’s at Chipotle restaurants. I wouldn’t put it past him, would you? He has those beady little black eyes and that arrogant skulking demeanor, and all. The whole Chipotle aura is more than a little slimy, if you ask me.

      • Do you mean 12/8/15? Boston Public Health tweeted yesterday at 5:15PM that initial lab results indicated norovirus. Side note: As someone who worked in a state agriculture/food lab, I have to say that holiday schedules do not exist for outbreaks. Someone is always on call to do the testing.

        • Yeah, no results yet on bacteriology, so can’t rule out e coli or other cooties.

          This premature leap to a diagnosis of norovirus is irregular. Besides, norovirus is a serious matter, no better really than e coli or salmonella or any other mass poisoning, but they seem to be breathing a hugh sigh of political relief to get this chalked up as norovirus. Obviously not much enthusiasm for completing a thorough investigation, just knock it off as norovirus and call it a day. No worries!

          Either way, four sequential poisoning incidents is unlikely to be coincidence. Some really serious problems with Chipotle and all this mess after Chiplotle preaching to us how to live right and vowing to show us how to do it. So, OK, they’ve shown us. I’ve learned from their blunders, have they? Has anyone else?

          • Actually with today’s molecular techniques you can get preliminary results in a day (even bacti)! It would still need to be cultured for confirmation and typing though. Usually state Epi’s make the call on what “bugs” to look for based on shared symptoms and shared types of food consumed. Norovirus hits very quickly and it clears the system quickly. I agree that Chipotle has some serious issues. I will never eat there.

          • I won’t eat there, either. And wouldn’t, from the first day they announced sanctimoniously that they would go “gmo-free.” That was it for me.
            I would think that Chipotle would prefer it be norovirus, correct -? Because, from what I know, norovirus can be spread in many different ways, and in non-food ways, which they could then point fingers toward in an effort to avoid being identified as the cause. But e.coli or salmonella would definitely be food based, and specifically feces-based, is that correct?
            Their lame announcements that they will clean up their processes, and their thoroughly disingenuous postings on the doors of their closed restaurants that the closings were a “supply chain issue” (no, it’s a poop issue), are not enough. They can try to slide by this one, but they have a long way to go to restore any credibility and trust in the safety of their “fresh, organic” products.

          • Their “gmo-free” campaign was laughable. I’m not sure if the new norovirus outbreak is preferable to the old E. coli outbreak because it’s bad national PR either way right now. (Heaven forbid a food chain affect a sports team!) They probably will try to downplay the source (which could be contaminated veggies from the field or bad handling by a sick employee). I personally think that the problem boils down to a fast food chain trying to do the “fresh” and “traditionally prepared” thing. That’s great for a nice restaurant, but fast food joints use frozen ingredients and automation for a reason.

          • Seems norovirus would be Chipotle’s preferred means of poisoning customers. Chipotle management hasn’t demonstrated much savvy around food safety microbiology, so they may well believe a diagnosis of norovirus lets them and their funky suppliers off the hook in some unstated fashion. Or, perhaps, they just admire how Carnival Cruise Lines rode out their norovirus calamity a few years ago and hope they fare as well. Turns out norovirus, like e coli and salmonella, is spread by contamination with vomit and/or feces. Nothing glamorous about any of it in my view, but what do I know about what makes these smug food snobs tick? And who cares?


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