Retracted Italian paper plagued by flawed methods, materials


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Biology Fortified recently reported that “an Italian research group run by Professor Federico Infascelli at the University of Naples “Federico II” has just had a peer-reviewed paper forcibly retracted by the journal for plagiarism”. The retracted paper, entitled “Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase Activity in Kids Born from Goats Fed Genetically Modified Soybean”, has been used as evidence of GMO harm (see here as an example). . .

. . . Even if this particular paper had not been retracted, even if the authors had not been accused of fraud, the research was not well-designed and its findings were not solid. Even if it had been conducted ethically, it still should not have been published, let alone touted as evidence of GMO harm because it’s not a good paper. It should not have passed peer review, and it’s possible that it never did, leading the authors to publish in a predatory journal. Yet the paper, and all other papers from this group, have been used in campaigns to warn us of the dangers of GMOs.

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