Beer may contain micro traces of glyphosate, but only definite carcinogen is beer itself

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When the news broke across the internet that beer was contaminated with glyphosate, my first response was to crack a cold can of Sierra Nevada and read the story.

. . . You’ve crossed a line glyphosate.  Them’s fightin’ words.

Or perhaps not.  Once again, we are reminded of two basic rules.

1. We are extremely good at detecting extremely little.
2. The dose makes the poison.

How much glyphosate is there?  . . .

According to these data there is somewhere between 460 parts per trillion (equivalent to one second in seventy years) on the low end and 29.74 parts per billion (about one second in a year).  That’s not scary, that’s remarkable that we can detect something at those levels.

. . . .

The grain is not GMO. Glyphosate is used as a ‘harvest aid’ or herbicide applied to the crop to ensure that all the grain is dry at a same point at harvest.

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. . . .

At the highest dose detected (30 ug/L) you’d have to drink a lot of beer to get to anything close to a physiologically relevant dose of the herbicide.  According to the German BfR, you’d need to drink 1000 L of beer in a day to hit acute toxicity levels.

. . . .

. . . .The use of glyphosate means that other harvest aids (paraquat or gramoxone) with much higher acute toxicity are not used.

Also worth noting, alcohol is the most dangerous chemical in beer. . . .

Alcohol is also a known carcinogen.  . . .alcohol is present at (assuming a 5% ethanol beer) at 50,000,000 ppb. . . .

. . . . If these folks really cared about carcinogens. . . they’d be writing articles about . . . the dangers of alcohol.

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