Is celebrity chef Tom Colicchio wrong about GMOs?

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[On March 2], published an interview with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio about his petition to label [GMO] foods . . . .

I don’t necessarily believe that GMOs are inherently dangerous. . . .but I still believe that people have a right to know what’s in their food.

Colicchio fails to recall that voluntary labels already serve this purpose. . . .

Everyone from Big Ag to food companies are behind the DARK Act. The Grocery Manufacturers Association is supporting it and so are companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, and Dow.

. . . .He isn’t going to mention the vested interest of those who oppose the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act. . . .

There are plenty of studies that show that organic farming can feed the world as well. . . . [GMOs are] a tool that we should be using, but it’s not the only tool we should be using. . . .

Nice straw man argument, Tom! No one is saying that genetic engineering is the only tool we should be using. . . .

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[Colicchio on the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act:]

They’re being politicians. They’re just protecting their funding stream, and I get that. . . . .

This same argument goes both ways. Senator Jon Tester, who is fighting for mandatory labels based on just the one breeding method, just so happens to run a large organic farm. . . . Even Bernie Sanders is fighting against science because Vermont happens to be one of the top five states producing organic products.

. . . .I agree with Mr. Colicchio when he says that everything in our kitchen is touched by policy, shouldn’t we make sure the policy is based on facts and not fear?

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