Science report card: Examining Bernie Sanders views on GMOs, alternative medicine

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“For those of us who believe in science, you simply cannot ignore what the scientific community is saying almost unanimously.”

That tweet from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders could have made me #FeelTheBern.

. . . .

But Sanders isn’t as pro-science as that tweet suggests. While his position on the existence of climate change is certainly in line with most climate scientists, his agricultural and climate change policies, as well as his views on alternative medicine, aren’t really informed by science. . . Sanders is as erratic in his belief in science as everyone else and, yes, that includes progressives. Progressives love to cast themselves as the smarter, more forward-thinking, science-minded wing of the electorate, but they’re as inconsistent in their regard for science as the so-called “anti-science” right.

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. . . . He wants to increase agricultural production from small farms . . . While small farms are obviously a part of the agricultural landscape, an agricultural policy focused primarily on local farming is neither sustainable nor realistic given the demands of our massive and diverse country. Moreover, there are real benefits to science-based and high-tech crop and farming solutions, but Sanders and many other progressives refuse to consider them. . . .

When it comes to the safety of biotechnology and transgenic crops, Sanders rejects scientific consensus completely. He supports labeling GMO foods. . .and continues to validate fears about GMOs . . . Even though the scientific consensus on GMO safety is equivalent to the consensus on climate change, Sanders and many other progressives have no problem ignoring it.

. . . .

. . . [P]rogressives and Sanders supporters need to confront regressive anti-science thinking in the progressive movement. Anti-GMO and anti-nuclear policies aren’t forward thinking, evidence-based policy solutions.

Read full, original post: Bernie Sanders Isn’t Pro-Science (and Neither Are Most Progressives)

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