Researchers suggest GMO oilseed crop led to deformed butterflies, critic questions study design

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Cabbage White Butterfly. Photo by Richard Bartz

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. . .Scientists at the government-funded Rothamsted Research institute in the UK have been developing omega-3 fatty acids in the oilseed crop camelina, using genetic engineering to transfer the relevant genes into the target plant. The object is to develop a sustainable source of feed for fish farming. . . .

. . . .Would the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which are produced by the camelina affect insects consuming the crop? A new study published in PLOS One aimed to examine this question, using lab-reared cabbage white butterflies. . . The study, authored by Hixson et al, fed their lab-reared caterpillars artificial feed, some with the EPA and DHA fatty acids, and a control group without.

The results? Supposedly the groups fed the novel fatty acids got higher levels of wing deformities. And hence the predictable howls of outrage from the anti-GMO lobby . . . .


. . . .So let’s look at the study methodology. . . . [F]ully a third of the controls also had deformed wings, an inconvenient fact that the anti-GMO people predictably failed to note.

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So why the deformed wings? The study authors admit that they got the humidity wrong when raising the insects and that high humidity atmosphere is associated with wing deformities . . . .

In any case, the entire exercise is unfortunately rather irrelevant, as Rothamsted has gently pointed out in a response statement. . . .

Rothamsted scientists have confirmed that there is no EPA and DHA expressed in the camelina leaves at all, because its expression is controlled by a seed-specific promoter. Cabbage whites don’t eat brassica seeds, so the whole experiment is rather pointless. . . .


Read full, original post: Deformed GMO Franken-butterflies? Not so fast…

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