Big Data aiming towards genetic solutions to cancer

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While working on Wall Street in 2011, Samarth Jain was first introduced to the world of genetics. Fascinated by how genes and genetics actually work and help with determining diseases and their impact on healthcare, Samarth realised that the western world had incorporated genomics in their healthcare system. Wanting to replicate the same, he set up Positive Bioscience in 2012, which was formally launched in 2014.

The platform was started to transform people’s health by integrating genomics, Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI). The idea is to make genetic testing more accessible and affordable in order to transform the healthcare outcome.

However, before their launch, the team spent close to two years in developing the technology, products and understanding the market. The team soon started Positive Bioscience as a genomic testing solution to help cancer patients convalesce and prevent healthy individuals from falling ill. They launched the personal genomics and cancer genomics in August 2014.


The team has developed their own AI computing platform called Positive Intelligence that scans through every drug available for cancer and then categorises it depending on the response levels in the body. This helps the team suggest drugs that are most likely to successfully treat the patient.

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