Following U.S. report on GMO safety, Scottish farmers push for reconsideration of GMO ban

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Farming leaders believe there could be a case for genetically modified (GM) crops to be grown in Scotland after world-leading scientists said they were safe to use.

A study by the American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine . . . found that GM pose no danger when eaten and could even be beneficial to the environment.

GM foods were banned by the Scottish Government last year, despite critics including opposition parties, farmers’ unions and the Royal Society of Edinburgh claiming that the move was ‘anti-science’, with ministers saying they wanted to protect Scotland’s food and drink industry.


. . . .

Following publication of the report, a spokesman for the National Farmers’ Union in Scotland said: “Our view is that we always want policy in this area to be science-led rather than led by rhetoric. We believe there might be a place for such technology on Scottish farms.

“But as things stand we cannot even conduct field trials because of the ban which is in place, even though we have world-leading research institutes . . . ”

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