How worldviews translate into attitudes towards GMOs

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Studies of how our world views and beliefs translate into attitudes towards GM foods. . . . have found there are four key values-based segments of the population that are better predictors of people’s attitudes to GM foods than . . . other standard demographics.

. . . .

Segment 1  – the concerned and disengaged:

. . . have the highest agreement that “the pace of technological change is too fast . . .”

Segment 2 – the risk averse:

. . . [is] more concerned with related risks. but . . . they have relatively high awareness of the term “biotechnology” . . . .

Segment 3 – the cautiously keen:

. . . while awareness of biotechnology is relatively high they can be very risk averse. . . .

Segment 4 – the science fans:

. . . is the most positive towards science and technology. . . .

When asked if they supported modifying the genes of plants . . . the results by segments were stark.

. . .[V]alues segmentation. . . can provide an insight into how to engage with different audiences. It’s rarely about . . . the quality of the science . . . For many people it more about [safety], or about feeling unsettled by . . . technological change, and if you are not addressing these you are not addressing . . . their concerns.

Read full, original post: Why your attitudes to technologies in foods depends on your attitudes to the world around you

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