Effects of Vermont’s GMO labeling law seen on store shelves


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Over the last week or so, local news sites in Vermont have been discussing ways Vermont’s new GMO law could affect local businesses and what it might mean for shoppers. . . . So when I went to the store . . . I did some poking around in the all the aisles to see what was happening on the shelves. In short, things looked a bit bleak.

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The reality is that shoppers in more populated areas won’t see much change at the bigger stores right away. The big changes will come once the stock of non-compliant products have been sold. . . .

Overall, there are thousands of items that are no longer being shipped to Vermont. This includes many items that people might easily do without, but it also includes many types of infant formula as well as many canned fruits and vegetables. A list of non-compliant foods . . . was created by our local news station, WCAX. . .

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In small towns and small grocery stores. . ., it will be difficult for shoppers to find certain items once they start to sell out. . . .

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  • Jon Grovich


    • Farmer with a Dell

      Calm down dude. Release your caps-lock key. Nobody is lying to you. Food distributors have done the math and it simply isn’t worth letting a useless little state like Vermont (population less than 700,000) jerk them around. Vermonters will drive across state lines to buy the same old groceries in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, even in Quebec, Canada. A few little mom and pop grocers in Vermont will eat it, but hey, that’s what Vermont’s legislators wanted. Maybe if they had put it up before the voters it wouldn’t have come to this…or maybe it would. It’s only Vermont, so who cares?

      • Viva La Evolucion

        I agree that it is better for the junk food manufactuers/distributors to simply stop selling their products in Vermont instead of changing their labeling throughout the country, because their lose of sales in entire state of Vermont would be less than loss of sales if they start labeling GMOs nationwide.

        • Farmer with a Dell

          Yeah, pulling those sales from puny little Vermont wouldn’t

          register a decimal point on the national scale of things. But Vermonters will still purchase most of the same non-labeled stuff from stores across the state line, so minimal lost sales overall.

          If your fear aversion theory is valid, chimpy, then Vermonters should thank their lucky stars if the Congress passes a bill over-riding Vermont’s law, because if not, come 2017 the only thing Vermonters will have to eat will be a few overpriced non-GMO dainties. The labeled GMO stuff, according to your theory, they will not buy and would dare not consume now that they are appropriately “informed”.

          I suppose you would have to get recent sales figures from a scab outfit like Campbell’s soup to learn how averse people are to purchasing labeled food. I see Campbell’s is still in business. I see but I don’t buy, not because I fear GMO but because I’m disappointed in how Campbell’s caved in to loony activist pressure for a vanity label. Campbell’s stupidly is trying to appease you and sell to you, chimpy, which will never happen, and they do not care about selling to me. Oh well, I we never bought much of their crap anyway and they will never miss my piddling business. C’est la vie!!

          Oh, BTW, here’s a blog with a link to a listing of the 3000 foods Price Chopper won’t be shipping into Vermont.


          Mostly infant formula, spices and ethnic foods (kosher, mexican, asian), and tea. Oddly enough there are a lot of hippie dippie health foods and regional bakeries & artisan foods on the “no-ship” list. The food police in Vermont are gonna get some blowback from Bernie and his groupies over this if Congress doesn’t over-ride them soon. Ah, a good time is had by all!


          • Viva La Evolucion

            Believe it or not, there are still and will continue to be plenty of food available for Vermont residents to purchase at their grocery stores, even without the GMO corn/soy containing processed junk foods. I am personally not too worried about the labeling issue because it is obvious that is the direction we are headed. I think the more important issue is to discontinue the practice of giving subsidized crop insurance handouts to farmers to grow corn and soy for biofuel feedstock and animal feed. If we are going to offer any agricultural subsides at all, then those subsides dollars should go to farmers who produce food/energy in the most water/resource efficient methods possible, not vice versa.

          • Farmer with a Dell

            Yep, Vermonters can just eat turnips with maple syrup on ’em. ‘Cause, as you say chimpy, once all that remaining food is labeled, well, with this new knowledge it naturally will be verboten! and no longer consumed by any self respecting Vermonter. It’s the kosher food, the teas, the spices, the ethnic foods they’re going to miss most. But good intense food policing doesn’t exempt anyone from sacrificing, even Bernie & Friends. Shalom!

            Oh, and you’re still hemorrhaging over those crop insurance premium co-pays. Joke’s on you again chimpy. See, that money doesn’t go to farmers — it all goes to insurance companies. Every penny of it. Just like with your precious Obamacare. Just a series of poorly thought out scams to “redistribute the wealth” right into the coffers of giant corporate insurance financial institutions. Chimpy, you and your do-gooder blow buddies can’t seem to get anything right. When you fail, you fail big. Must give you credit for that.