Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen pesticide food list designed to promote organics

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In an [Environmental Working Group] email, I received a survey masquerading as well-meaning concern . . . “Are you concerned about the use of toxic synthetic pesticides . . .?”. . . “[S]ynthetic pesticides used in conventional agriculture . . . are linked to . . . cancer, endocrine disruption and nervous system damage.”

. . . The weasel words “linked to” enable huge leaps from in vitro . . .  or other types of studies that don’t actually conclude that these chemicals cause real-world problems, to “be very afraid” conclusions. . . .

. . . .


The next survey question asks, “Are you worried about your family’s exposure to harmful pesticides?” . . . .

After a few more similarly leading and inflammatory questions, the survey gets to the meat of the matter.

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“. . .Do you think the U.S. government should invest in organic agriculture to make it more affordable and accessible for consumers?”

Well played, EWG. Scare people about pesticides used in conventional farming, imply that organic farming doesn’t use toxic pesticides. . . and then ask survey-takers whether they want the government to invest in organic agriculture. Allow me to make a prediction–EWG will use the survey results to claim that American consumers want more organic farmland. . . .


Read full, original post: Would You Rather Buy Organic Or Poison Your Family? EWG Wants You To Pick One

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