Food fight: Organic producers in war with Non-GMO label

| | August 4, 2016

"We've seen exponential growth since our label first launched in 2010," says Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project, which is responsible for [the Non-GMO label]. . . .

Organic food sales are growing, too, but not as rapidly. . . . The official organic rules, while they prohibit the use of genetic engineering, do not require organic food companies to test their ingredients for the presence of GMOs.

Now, organic food companies are starting — cautiously — to voice concerns about the non-GMO label. . . They're worried that shoppers have become so fixated on GMOs that they don't realize how little it actually means, compared to organic.

Laura Batcha, executive director of the Organic Trade Association, puts it this way: "Non-GMO is agriculture before GMOs were introduced, which is still chemical agriculture."

The organic rules cover everything from food additives to animal welfare to soil fertility. Consumers respond better, says [Dag Falck, the organic program manager at Nature's Path Organic Foods], to a message that focuses on just one thing — like a ban on GMOs.

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