As the age of mother’s has increased, twin births have skyrocketed

Twins are very much in our consciousness at the moment…because we are living through a twin boom. A higher proportion of human beings are twins than at any other time in living memory.

To put it another way, the twinning rate is a highly sensitive indicator of biological and social change.


A mother’s age was…the biggest single determinant of the twinning rate for most of the human story…That’s because blood levels of follicle-stimulating hormone…increase with age,…increasing the likelihood that more than one egg will be released in a given cycle…

The current twin boom [took off]…with the advent of assisted reproductive technology (ART) – the umbrella term for fertility treatments that…increas[es] the chances that more than one embryo will be implanted at a time…The two main factors are ART and maternal age…


If fertility treatments become more affordable, and neonatal healthcare improves, sub-Saharan Africa might see a ART-fuelled boom,…while the Chinese twinning rate is likely to increase as the one-child (per family) policy is phased out, and more and more Chinese people are lifted out of poverty.

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