Organic and conventional farmers lambaste non-GMO milk label

There’s a new food category that is gaining popularity with shoppers, but that’s also becoming an enemy of farmers — both of the conventional and organic persuasion.
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… Clover Stornetta Farms of Petaluma [plans to add] non-GMO certification to its conventional milk in early 2017, meaning it would require dairy farmers use GMO-free feed with its conventional herds.

Milk is not genetically engineered, and neither are dairy cows.

“The whole GMO labeling movement has really put a damper on the organics movement,” said author Rebecca Thistlethwaite….

Alison Van Eenennaam, …of … UC Davis, added that non-GMO animal feed crops have a larger ecological impact than genetically engineered versions because of their decreased resistance to disease and pests, and lower yields.

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