Is society ready for genetically modified humans, designer babies?


We single out the industrial revolutions of the past as major turning points in human history because they marked major ways in which we changed our surroundings to make our lives easier, better, longer, healthier.

I’m comparing [bioengineering] to those big turning points because now the technology, instead of being applied to our surroundings…now those technologies are being turned directly on our own biology, on our own bodies and minds.

That’s the concern — we’ve given ourselves, or we’re starting now to give ourselves a power that we may not have the wisdom to control very well.


[There] are going to be technologies that are hard to resist because they’re going to be so awesome. They’re going to make us live longer, healthier lives, and they’re going to make us feel younger.

[However,] humans need time to adjust, and I’m not sure we’ll have enough…

[W]e are rushing headlong into a series of choices. Each of us as individuals will have to make decisions about which of these technologies we choose to adopt for ourselves.

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  • David Ashton

    Whatever happens, we wouldn’t want to put any doctors, social workers, policemen, prison officers and mental health managers out of work in future, would we?

    • fuariz

      dont worry they will still have a job.

      Doctors will care for our inbred children created by parents who decided curly hair was a deformity. They will also care for our back alley mistakes: like when someone sells a vial to a 15 year old girl promising CISPRA will help her lose weight and her kidneys shut down.

      Social Workers will have work helping normal kids deal with the fact that their parents couldnt afford the procedure and they will be doomed to have slightly imperfect looking teeth.

      Police will have a job enforcing the new drug dealers offering unregulated genetic engineering.

      • David Ashton

        Good answer.
        Do we want state-controlled eugenics or private-anarchy dysgenics? Dr Mengele or Dr Moreau?

        • fuariz

          I am thinking we should do what we always do. Have some state controlled thing that doesnt work, a few big companies that everyone uses and no one likes, followed by a bunch of illegal actors making questionable versions of the product.

          We do it right it should bankrupt us before we go extinct.

          • David Ashton

            Watch what happens in China.

  • fuariz

    if we had half a brain we would criminalize this right now.