Genetics say your perfect mate is someone just like you


If your genes can’t have you all to themselves, they’ll seek out the next best thing: A recent study on assortative mating has uncovered statistical evidence that you’re more likely to lock things down with someone just like, well, you.

By analyzing three studies with publicly available genetics data on more than 24,000 heterosexual couples of European ethnicity, the researchers discovered that most couples were highly likely to date someone of a similar height, body mass index (BMI), and even blood pressure.

The researchers also tested correlations between other metrics of desirability, such as education level. [As a result, they found that two] PhDs are more likely to date each other than they are someone without a college education. While you could easily chalk this up to a matter of life choices or socioeconomic effects, the researchers found that genes associated with pursuing more education…were more often than not shared between mates.

The new research represents a continuation of the growing field of science that studies assortative mating—basically, how we choose our partners—in human beings.

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