GOP Congress could deploy long-standing law to repeal Obama-era FDA GMO animal biotech policies


A game-changer for regulatory reform, [the Congressional Review Act] could be a significant stimulus to job creation and economic growth.

The CRA enables Congress, with only simple majorities, to overrule regulations and other policy guidances from the executive branch, and congressional leaders are champing at the bit to use the law to bring down some of the most egregious excesses of Executive Branch agencies.

My own prime candidate is an Obama-era Food and Drug Administration policy that has decimated an entire once-promising biotechnology sector–the genetic engineering of animals with novel and valuable traits. After more than a decade of deliberation (read: dithering), the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine finalized a policy that makes every animal crafted with the most precise genetic engineering techniques subject to the onerous procedures and regulations for new drugs used to treat animal diseases, such as pain relievers or flea medicines.

What kinds of animals? One that endured a 22-year review is an Atlantic salmon that contains a newly introduced Chinook salmon growth hormone gene that remains turned on all year round (instead of during only the warmer months, as in nature)…. (As a former FDA medical reviewer of biopharmaceuticals, I believe that that review was grotesquely incompetent; it should have taken much closer to 22 weeks than 22 years.)

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