Nobel laureate biochemist Sir John Roberts calls anti-GMO activism a ‘crime against humanity’

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Though developed countries stand against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for specific political and economic reasons, it is an effective tool to prevent starvation and deficiency diseases in developing countries like Bangladesh, said Nobel Laureate Sir Richard John Roberts.

Speaking at a public lecture held at North South University in Dhaka [Bhangladesh] on Wednesday, [March 29, 2017] Dr Roberts said: “While millions of people in the developing countries go to bed hungry, GMOs seem to be imperative for them to fight against starvation and malnutrition. It can improve crop production and remarkably enhance the nutritional value of those same harvests.”

Sir Richard John Roberts

In support of using GMOs, Dr Roberts explained: “The European politicians have deemed biotech crops too unsafe for their compatriots to consume – despite the fact that the rest of the world has been eating them for years with no discernible adverse consequences. What is worse, these politicians are spreading this alarmist message to the developing countries that desperately need the benefits GMO foods offer to feed malnourished populations. I ask this: How many children must suffer before this anti-GMO propaganda is called out for being what it is – a crime against humanity?”


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