5 advancements that could enhance human performance

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The concept of human augmentation, which is also called human performance enhancement or HPE, tends not to receive much attention because it is diffuse. It encompasses a range of technologies across very different disciplines. It’s helpful to gather them together under one heading and survey the different ways in which we humans might potentially alter our own nature.

1. Bionics and Prosthetics

This is the form of human augmentation that is already being tested out for a small number of special users. You can even go to a Cyborg Olympics, a competition to test whose bionic limbs and robotics exoskeletons are the best.


5. Gene Editing


We can survey our species and find people with genes that make them taller, smarter, faster, stronger, and so on—and not just by a little bit. There are people in the world who are genetic outliers, born with a capacity for truly extraordinary performance. If we can identify those extraordinary genetic endowments and figure out how to patch them in to our existing genetic code, giving us these enhanced qualities.

[Full list: Bionics and prosthetics, brain-computer interfaces, neurotechnology, nootropics and gene editing.]

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion, and analysis. Read full, original post: The Future of Human Augmentation and Performance Enhancement

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